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The John Curtin Research Centre (JCRC) is a social democratic think-tank dedicated to developing ideas and policies for a better, fairer Australia.

Our purpose

As a social democratic think-tank, we draw inspiration from the enduring relevance of our nation’s trade unions and the Australian Labor Party’s rich 132 year old tradition: a party of government; a movement in touch with the basic concerns, needs and aspirations of Australians whether they reside in our suburbs, cities, regions or remote areas; one informed by traditionalist and progressive values; and both patriotic and internationalist.

With growing disillusionment towards mainstream parties the world over, and the core vote of centre-left and labour movement-based parties, there has never been a more important time for social democrats to win the battle of ideas.


To that end, the JCRC aims to bring together Labor parliamentarians and activists from across the breadth of the party, experts and leaders from our diverse local communities, unionists and best of the academy, in order to meet the large social and economic challenges facing Australia and help shape the direction of Labor ideas in the twenty-first century.


In the words of Labor’s great wartime Prime Minister John Curtin, it is only through the ideas and actions of working people ‘that a better and more decent way of life can be given to all’. 

"The nation looked to labor, and it did not look in vain."

John Curtin, July 1943

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